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When a male is behaving badly and we wimmin folk have no interest in cleaning up the damn mess, it’s time to call Tyrone. Let the menz deal with their creation. In the rare instance that there’s a pro-feminist male around, he’s Tyrone. Call him.
Look at that man having a mantrum. Better call Tyrone!
by Nerida November 05, 2013
Another way of saying you fell in love with someone "head over heels".
Pierre was falling butt over boots for Marie.
by Nerida November 05, 2013
The kind of obligatory love you feel to those in your family you would find despicable if you weren't your family members. Usually extended family you have to force a happy demeanor around.
I had an act of plastic love on around my pro-life grandfather.
by Nerida November 05, 2013
Slang for anti-perspriant or deodorant.
Damn you stank! Put on yo pit sauce!
by Nerida November 05, 2013
used in hebrew and derived from arabic, meaning "no shit?"
"my parents are out of town, so i'm having this huge party"
"wala? i'm there"
by nerida July 22, 2006
(Beautiful women; ugly boy) 98% of all hetero-couples. Because all women all think they are flawed therefore dating down and settling for ugly men who honestly think that they are actually attractive or even handsome. *puke.* If you haven’t already, take the time to notice; it’ll puke you out to, and hopefully cause you to reconsider your standards. ie., expect your own man to pull his pants up and shave the pubic hair off his face…
That couple over there has a SERIOUS case of bwub syndrome!
by Nerida November 05, 2013
the act of a class co-opting an existing oppressed class’ cause, culture and terminology to advance its own agenda
A real life example of classjacking would be the trans movement pretending to be an ally of gay rights and co-opting the social justice language deceptively.
by Nerida November 05, 2013
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