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Annoyed face with a sweat drop dripping down. Used to express awkwardness or slight, if not humorous, annoyance.
"They clean up that stupid, ugly mural off the wall at school, right?"
"IDK, Please tell me they at least stopped expanding it... ¬_¬;"
by Neoswayne March 17, 2010
An emoticon conveying shifty eyes or looking away. Usually it is used with being told you are wrong or you do something that is embarrassing, often jokingly. Similar to >_> and <_<.
- "Hey I wish I could sing the Jackson 5 at the top of my lungs and dance like Kevin Bacon from Footloose to and from classes."
- "You mean we're not supposed to do that?! r_r"
by Neoswayne April 03, 2009
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