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cunilingus, eating pussy
He enjoys carpet munching
by Nelson December 01, 2003
a substance that runs in the blood of the very leet counter strike players that makes them pwn all nubs.
damn the leetsauce is back im pwning
by Nelson January 17, 2005
Boards for the masses
Like IGN but better
by Nelson March 25, 2004
Someone with superior dancing skills, which she showcases naked on weekend breaks with her friends
I just got beaten in a dance-off with Jbill
by nelson March 02, 2005
that a gun shoots many bullets rapidly
damn that ak-47 spits
by Nelson January 17, 2005
black people enjoy their doober.
by nelson October 19, 2003
a jackass
nelson is a doober
by nelson October 19, 2003

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