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A fucked up hair style.
Flock of seagles hair cut, or the way your hair looks when you first get up in the morning.
by Neil January 06, 2004
The vinegar strokes, to feed the Ducks, knocking one out, choke the Chicken, beat the meat, bash the bishop, spank the plank, shake hands with the vicar, one off the cuff, wanking, Masturbation.
Nothing on telly again? Why don't you go up to your room and roll your dice?
by Neil November 24, 2003
to relieve ones self of excess methane in the digestive system
i windy pooed on your dads face.
by neil June 05, 2003
to twoc.
*steally steally* ha ha ha i have your babies!
by neil June 05, 2003
Wack Motherfugger
Damn that guy is dumb, he just pulled an Ondy
by Neil April 12, 2004
NightKnight PWNS ALL. W00T W00T. He's really cool and listens to great music.
OMG NightKnight u are so 1337. Please buttzechs me!
by Neil May 30, 2004
a band started in 95 in the middle of no where in Des Moines,IOWA!
Mate.Feed.Kill.Repeat(Only 1000 copys made dont buy off Ebay unless you know what the Genuines look like)
S/T(Self-Titled its tough finding the one with purity)
IOWA(I dont know much about this)
OTHERS(Basements RECORDINGS from 92(Before Slipknot was an official band) and other Unreleased shit i most likely have it)
by neil April 08, 2004
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