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A small oompa loompa like creature that feeds off of philosophy and coffee.
I went to Starbucks only to find a Vini attacking the waitress.
by Neil March 27, 2005
the most beautiful sexy indian woman in the world, who has a beautiful voice and who is a down right nymphomanic.
your just mad because your're not vini!
by lemonhead January 26, 2005
thinks he's most sexiest man alive yet is decribed to look like a mix between an elf and a catfish. Very athletic, funny and with a Latino yet slightly awkward at times.
that small freakish, catfish looking-kid looks like vini
by tharealfebus21 February 04, 2010

a little blue elfish looking character who is so mennonite he begs all his friends for pennies
hey did you see that little blue elf over there?

The one beggin for pennies?

yea that one

yea thats vini
by bowser2 December 06, 2010
a bitch ass scrawny boy with a micro penis
dude, are you gonna hook up with that guy?

nah, he's a total vini.
by waffle tittties 666 July 11, 2016
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