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79 definitions by Neil

a montana term for a beaner/stoner who is addicted to drugs and men
Marlin the putts smoked a bowl with pookas.
by neil June 23, 2004
19 33
The man previously nwo known as Nightknight
I think this man needs to go back to his past and pull some pyromaniac out.
I am NightKnight recentyly knoq as the more awesomer Pyromaniac
by Neil May 31, 2004
1 21
The premier independent rock, punk and indie music website on the net.
Since pitchfork is using this site as advertising, Aversion might as well, too.
by Neil February 20, 2004
5 26
Much worse than a slob.
I can't believe you haven't had a shower in a week. You are such a slab!
by Neil February 28, 2005
5 27
also known as flap snot
my hand got stuck in her sticky quam
by Neil November 15, 2004
49 71
more commonly known as mustachio... a festering grown of lip hair.... bum fluff
yo momma has got a moustache o_O


i swear her moustache was breathing o_O
by Neil November 15, 2004
23 46
Madonna-whore is when a guy treats his wife or girlfriend gently sexually, always treating her with respect, but the woman on the side he treats to aggresive angry sex, performing acts on her that he thinks would disrespect the woman he loves.
Italians think there wives, sisters, and mothers are all madonna's or virgins.
That is not the case.
by Neil September 14, 2003
88 115