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The mental state one is in after being hypnotized.
The music genre was named after this mental state.
Donnie's therapist put him in a hypnotic trance to examine his subconscious memories.
by Nat Rator May 28, 2004
A website run by a deranged minister (sometimes referred to as the CapA-Loser) who rates movies with a system he claims is "infallible" but often turns out the wrong score based on the fact that he doesn't really pay attention to the films he rates.
No one died in Lilo & Stitch, so the CapAlert score on the page for that movie cannot possibly be correct.
by Nat Rator May 26, 2004
Slang term for marijuana, coined by Micky Dolenz (of the Monkees) in the late 1960s.
Micky used to tell kids that "Frodis is cool", and the kids had no clue what he meant, so they just agreed.
by Nat Rator June 11, 2004
The best actor in the regular cast of 7th Heaven.
Happy plays the Camden family dog, also named Happy.
Aw, I love when Happy barks at the end of the theme song! It's the best part of both the song and the show!
by Nat Rator June 18, 2004
English title of pathetic 1983 sci-fi film "Los Nuevos Extraterrestres".
Has nothing to do with pods, and has nothing to do with people.
The target of a season 3 MST3K episode.
Pod People got no reason to live.
by Nat Rator June 13, 2004
Sketch comedy TV show.
Derived by combining "skit" (another word for a comedy sketch) with "com" (the beginning of the word comedy).
Sometimes confused with sitcoms by people with no understanding of comedy or basic script structure.
Monty Python's Flying Circus, Saturday Night Live, All That, and Roundhouse are all skitcoms.
by Nat Rator June 16, 2004
Video Gamer First. A gaming website containing news, reviews, & forums, run by founder Shane Sacobie.
That guy posts at VGF all the time.
by Nat Rator May 26, 2004
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