11 definitions by Nat Rator

1) The part of the body containing sensory organs and brain.
2) The front or top part of something
3) Magnificent 1968 psychedelic movie starring the Monkees.
1) He punched me in the head.
2) The head of the flagpole was round.
3) Head.
by Nat Rator July 04, 2003
A preservative sometimes used in frozen food, particularly western-style Chinese cuisine.
Can cause headaches or other symptoms in some consumers.
I only eat Chinese food fresh at restaurants, because the MSG in the frozen meals makes my head throb all night.
by Nat Rator June 18, 2004
A poor mountaineer who barely kept his family fed,
But one day as he was shooting at some food,
Up from the ground came a bubbling crude. (Oil, that is. Black gold. Texas tea.)
Jed was the main character of The Beverly Hillbillies.
by Nat Rator June 18, 2004
1) See all above definitions EXCEPT the racial slurs.
2) Robot from MST3K with long, snakelike neck and large purple head. Has a large flashlight for an eye. Female by programming, Gypsy is responsible for SOL maintenance and making sure Servo & Crow do their chores.
"Gypsy, did you make dinner yet?"
by Nat Rator June 07, 2004
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