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1. Freaking out over something stupid
2. When a male has a "situation"
3. Pooping or peeing one's pants
"It's not rocket-science, so don't have a pants crisis!"
"Tim had a pants crisis after getting a lap dance on the subway."
"Pants crisis on aisle two!"
by Nashala October 23, 2006
pronounced like you're saying oonsss
1.n. A techno beat usually accompanied with pelvic thrusts
2. v. To eunce someone (as in sexually)
3. as a joke, hugging someone and saying "EUNCE!"
I eunced your mom last night.
I am euncing all over your stuff.
by Nashala October 15, 2006
1. Holding hands (thereby touching your wenis to someone else's - wenis being the skin between your thumb and forefinger)

2. Shaking hands (see above)
Billy: Hey Gina, wanna have wenis sex with me?
Gina: Sure, why not.
*hold hands*
by Nashala October 15, 2006

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