25 definitions by Name

someone who is used for sex and only sex
by name February 06, 2003
a person with a husky physique that resembles that of a cow and has facial charachteristics similar to those of chuck e cheese
Frenchie will be the greatest rat cow to walk the planet.
by name May 06, 2003
noun; abbrieviation of Carlesberg, a beer originating in Denmark; sponsor of Liverpool FC; greatest beer this side of Natty.
"Tonight was a special occasion so we had some C-bergs.
by name March 28, 2005
by Name March 20, 2003
The condition o havin y'alls balls tied in knots. not to be confused with Blue Balls.
"Elitist nadicitis."
by Name January 09, 2003
It just means "stuff"
Yeah, you know, he was going to get some schmelky from the store.
by Name June 06, 2004
A phone, damn you. A phone damn you. A phone damn you.
No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No.
by Name December 16, 2004

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