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Momentary hallucination induced by many days of no sleep while using amphetamines. Commonly witnessed by automobile operators driving long-distance road trips at night.
While tweaking and driving the truck driver said, "Oh Shit! Did you see that? Wait...it was only a meth monster."
by NW December 01, 2002
Motocross Racing in a smaller dome than a supercross that just has the basics: Starting gate,whoops, step on step offs, triples and rythym sections.
it is a 4 lane track
Goon 1: Look at Ricky Carmichael go through the whoops!

'a' class rider: hey dipshit thats darcy lange

Goon 1: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...
by NW July 28, 2004
Idiotic male who prostrates himself for the pleasure of another man because he suffers from retardation.
shut-up fuckboy
-yep you're a fuckboy
by NW January 26, 2005
Trashed on ecstasy.
He was so googed he didn't know what day it was.
by NW May 05, 2003
Racial slur for Germans.

Referring to the Holocaust.
"My Jewish grandfather would always say those Germans ain't nothing but Jew Killers.
by nw May 22, 2004

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