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"Rythym" is how the illiterate attempt to spell the word "rhythm".
Dude 1: "Yo, I gots rythym, man!"
Dude 2: "No, dude, you just can't spell 'rhythm'. And it's 'I have', not 'I gots'. Carry on."
by JBeez June 01, 2013
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The act of keeping a beat when music is unavailable. The beating of the fist and the use a handheld object such as a coin, pen, comb, ect. is comonly used in a pattern to make a beat.Sonds can also be created with the mouth and throat.
Urban knocking would be viewed as the beating of walls, tables, concrete, buckets, or any surface with a good thump to harness a basic rythym.
by Aren September 28, 2005

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