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When ones tailgating you so close you can not see their headlights. You proceed to slam on your brakes then immediately punch the throttle entering v-tec.
Ole J was driving along an old kentuky road when out of nowhere "someone" proceeds to tailgate him. Ole J's first reaction was to brake check to v-tec this guy and leave him in his dust.
by NA&CH August 13, 2009
Same meaning of pwning someone but, to the 10th degree. A Super Pwned
Munkslayer "Damn we Power Pwnzored those noobzorz"

by NA&CH January 07, 2008
Thats Fucking Dumb
Keek: "I don't dress up for Halloween"
D's nuts: "How do you not dress up for Halloween? TFD!!!"
by NA&CH November 02, 2011

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