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To rate a guy/girl. However, instead of using the scale of 1-10, a scale of 240 to 1080. 240 being the lowest, 480 being average, and 1080 being the highest. This is used as a more secretive form of checking a female/male out.

240p can also be used for a girl that looks hot from far away but is gross when you get a better look.
nigga 1: woah guys whats the resolution rating of that?

nigga 2: Daaaayuuum thassa 1080p right thurrr ;D
by MyNamesJ12 August 09, 2010
DEFINITION: A promise that CANNOT be broken.

Based on P. Diddy's unbroken promise to give Justin Bieber a Lamborghini when he turns 16.

DAD: I P. Diddy Promise that I will get you a PS3 for your birthday in 3 months.
(3 Months later)
by MyNamesJ12 July 22, 2010
The inability to destroy something you created.
Frankenstein effect sucks....Jun acts like he knows every fucking thing about cars...should'nt have got him into it...
by MyNamesJ12 December 02, 2010

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