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That one girl who sleeps with all the guys.
The new kid already hit Smurfette.
by MyBoxHasInternet March 29, 2011
When someone plays the same fucking song over and over and over again to the point you hate both that person and the song. Loop bombing is most often done to catchy new songs by people who don't realize everything gets old at some point.
Dude, I was stuck in line for hours behind some douche who loop bombed the fuck out of my favorite song. I never wanna hear it again now.
by MyBoxHasInternet March 29, 2011
When one person (voters) votes on something to get points or some shit like that for a Q&A community such as Yahoo Answers. When an answer is "Chosen by Voters", it's most likely not going to be of any help.
It helps to add quotes around the phrase to make it seem like a joke.
A lot of people seem to have the same questions as me on Yahoo Answers. Too bad the answers are always "Chosen by Voters".
by MyBoxHasInternet March 27, 2011
1. An "unlucky" coin found on the ground. "Unlucky" or not, your amount of money was just incremented.
2. In reference to a "dime": a woman whose body is a ten but whose face is debatable.
3. Doggy style.
1. I found a quarter on the ground. It was tail side up, but that didn't change me buying a soda.
2. Girl's a dime, but tail side up.
3. I'm 'bout to get at that bitch tail side up.
by MyBoxHasInternet March 29, 2011

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