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TYAT stands for Think Your All Tuff. It can be used to describe a girl or guy that thinks they are way too tuff or cool and really are not, along the same lines as a poser. JJ is credited with this word but it has been blown up all over mv
p1:Jeff is SOO TYAT
p2:ya he is....how weak
by MvHyphy June 12, 2006
1. really drunk and or high
2. finshed with something
1. wow those cider and vod shots got me DONSO
2. This is so sad we are DONSO with high school
by MvHyphy June 12, 2006
When you're so drunk you have to close one eye to concentrate, esp, when texting
-Dude I'm sooo dunk right now
- yea you are, one-eyed pete is coming for ya!
by MvHyphy June 12, 2006
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