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a faggot so systematic and predictable in his fag ways, they're almost robotic in regularity in faggotness.
OMG! Dude, you're SUCH a fagbot!
#fagbot #fag-bot #fag #bot #faggot
by Muse_Luver October 31, 2007
1. A fictional character from the 2007 film Superbad

2. A person that is so lame, they're cool
Dude, you're such a Fogell!
#superbad #fogell #lame #square #moron #mormon
by Muse_Luver October 17, 2007
You know in a stripclub, there are certain 'rooms' that a guy can watch sexual acts and men can 'beat it like it's hot', then it's everywhere. Well a jizz-mopper is the unfortunate soul that has to clean up in time for the next customer.
Ooooooooo, that was some good action with my jackson. O, I've made a mess. That poor jizz-mopper has an uphill battle here, and here, and here, and here, and here, how did I offload on the ceiling?
#jizzmopper #jizz-mopper #jizmopper #jiz-mopper #jizzmoper #jizz-moper
by Muse_Luver October 28, 2009
A dude so lame, so rubs with the opposite sex, he barely has to say two words before the woman throws a drink or sometimes an alligator in your face as she is like MEGA repelled by your being on this planet.
Eww Patrice, that dude was SUCH a muff-repellent, I spoke to him on MSN one night and I was sick all over my keyboard having to see his picture!
#muff-repellent #muff-repellant #muffrepellent #muffrepellant #muff-repelent #muff-repelant
by Muse_Luver October 28, 2009
Another term for the clitoris, but also a term for a person that is acting a bit too feminine, but not necessarily homosexually, simply stupidly-feminine, so when other words come across as too harsh, this light alternative is ok use.
Mate, stop acting like such a fuck-bean! I look at you and start to think Mika is a feminine version of P!nk
#fuckbean #fuck-bean #fucbean #fcukbean #fcuk-bean
by Muse_Luver October 28, 2009
When a situation has an unresolved ending, if the ending is in fact resolved it is for the viewer to resolve it in their mind for it is not told to them.
Maaaaaaaaate, I couldn't deal with 'Psycho', such a Hitchcock Ending! What the fudge happened to Marion for her car to be recovered from the swamp!
#hitchcock #hitchcock ending #ending #hichcock endings #hitchcockendings
by Muse_Luver August 18, 2011
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