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a faggot so systematic and predictable in his fag ways, they're almost robotic in regularity in faggotness.
OMG! Dude, you're SUCH a fagbot!
by Muse_Luver October 31, 2007
A cybornitic robot sent from the future to change the life of one lucky man.
Sometimes FAG BOT 9000 and I do it in the kitchen.
by Patrick April 09, 2007
a robot who likes people of the same gender
Person: Oh look at that fagbot!
Fagbot: Come over here hot stuff!
by Hayden_182 December 11, 2006
a man that speaks or acts out in a homosexual manner, in the company of other men, will briefly transform into a homosexual for the amusement and criticism of others.
during the viewing of a sports program, one of your friends makes a comment in regards to the perspiration and physique of the athletes in a woman-like-manner, placing emphasis on the shape of the crotch and buttocks area. This would be the perfect time to declare that this person is a fagbot, and continue to ridicule and criticize every word/action this person makes afterward. Of course, all will be forgiven the following day, however, it will never be forgotten and should be mentioned at a later time.
by heymim March 19, 2008
chandler robert allen bennison
man!! chandler is such a fagbot he stuck his finger up his cats ass
by mike-alfredo-corey September 01, 2010
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