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3 definitions by Mr. Very

n. va-fla
an imaginary invisible flying-penis of Russian lore (I am not making this up fetii).
Russian: "Androosha paimali vafloo!" ; English:"Ann to the drew dizzle, you just caught a flying penis"
by Mr. Very December 03, 2004
n. the octagon
superior fighting reservoir.. OF DEATH
the true definition of manhood, with the wisdom of a man
"I developed REX-kwon-do after two seasons of fighting in THE OCTAGON" - REX
by Mr. Very December 03, 2004

Multiple marriage partners; husbands and/or wives.
My spice (Aaron and Erica) keep making out. But that's Ok because I have totally done them both like infinity times.
by Mr. Very December 03, 2004