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By definition a kind of person who not only trys to shove their nose way up their boss' buttholes to try and get ahead in life but they actually enjoy it.
Guy 1: Hey boss, can I come by and wash your car....I'll bring my own stuff?
Guy 2: Sure Gabe that sounds good (walks away)
Guy 3: Gabe, your such a damn piane!
Guy 1: according to MCO P29569.666 it's a lawful order for me to do it.
Guy 3: Your a deuche
by Mr. Pihb May 04, 2008
1. The missing link, currently being studied by scientists.

2. A lumpering behemoth of a man crashing through ones door seeing what they are doing this weekend.

3. The missing member of G-Unit
Benny: arigato...honcho...i got a poncho....and i eat nachos..uh...uhhh..
Whit: benny, what the hell are you doing?
benny: what up...I'm laying down my flow
whit: stop....please.
benny: hey whit, what you doing this weekend?
whit: for the last time benincasa....nothing
benny: oh ok.
by Mr. Pihb May 07, 2008
1. An individual with the smallest penis on the planet...so small in fact that scientists have often debated wheather or not he is in fact a male.

2. This guy that has sex with nasty women and think they're hot like this one girl with a snaggle tooth....
Guy 1: Hey man you see that girl over there?
Guy 2: You mean the girl that looks like a kirchberg?
Guy 1: Yeah, guess who hit that...Shurts
Guy 2: Aahhhh..that nasty small penis mutha fucka...
Guy 1: yup, and he's braggin' about it.
Guy 2: kid's nasty fo sho
by Mr. Pihb May 07, 2008
An ungodly hairy catwoman residing in the Marine Corps
Guy 2: oh thats just a Kirchberg
Guy 1: Man, it looks like Mr. Ed had sex with that snarf thing from the thundercats
by Mr. Pihb May 05, 2008
A very homosexual member of a particular team in the country of Okinawa
Guy 1: Dude! Did he just grab my ass?!
Guy 2: Hey brah don't worry about it, that's just Brokeback Fountain.
Brokeback Foutain: ........I love penis.
by Mr. Pihb April 30, 2008

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