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Orlando International Airport
MCO has been shut down once again due to multiple hurricanes.
by KRHimself September 12, 2004
Now the Air call name for Orlando Internatiolnal Airport, from the Abbreviation of McCoy Airforce Base, which existed there previously.
Flight 221 to MCO now departing.
by Ghangis Cohen December 23, 2004
Pronounced M-Ko, Mco is a term used to label someone, something, or some place that defines the epitome of "middle-class obscurity": ie. an example of extremely typical middle-class conformity to the point where nothing remotely interesting can ever come of it or from it, or where even the slightest exposure to the MCO person, item, place or thing may render your existence culturally irrelevant through osmosis.

Mco can refer to people who live in a typical middle-class way, typically middle-class ideas and values, typically middle-class objects, or typically middle class objects.

Mco is the direct opposite of avant-garde (avgar).
I can't live in that house; it is just too mco. Before I knew it, I'd be wearing Boden and cooking Nigella recipes.
#mco #mko #m-ko #middle-class #obscurity
by QuietCorday February 03, 2012
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