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13 definitions by Mr. Nice Guy

to sell drugs usually weight
I can move 2 kilos a week.
by mr. nice guy February 17, 2005
187 88
1) a 2nd plan in case Plan A doesn't work out

2) a girl that you can call when you can't find any other girls that night.
I couldn't find any bitches, so I'll call Kim she's Plan B.
by mr. nice guy February 17, 2005
116 69
When a person is an ecstacy you use a Vick's Vaport Inhalor and blow the vapor in their eyes and nose and mouth while massaging their face.
I'm rolling balls dude gimme a sea breeze.
by mr. nice guy February 17, 2005
60 19
A lesser known comedian until the breakout of his new show. Seriously, I knew Chappelle was funny even before that.
Go rent the movie Screwed to see Chappelle way before he got a show.
by Mr. Nice Guy March 20, 2005
65 25
Clothing store owned by Abercrombie & Fitch. They sell clothing pertaining to the west coast and surfing. Hollister Co is named after a John Hollister, a man who traveled the ocean, eventually settling down in Southern California, around the Santa Cruz area. It is not named after the city in California.
Hollister, the person, not the place.
by Mr. Nice Guy July 13, 2006
91 59
To take prescription drugs and drink alcohol
Were gonna go scribin tonight.
by mr. nice guy February 17, 2005
2 1
to gay (homosexual) for words
That dude is flamerific.
by mr. nice guy February 17, 2005
3 2