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1: when someone breaks free of a lipping by excreting massive amounts of steaming sweat from their glands and anus.

2: When you lip someone into a tub of lard, pool of water, shower, etc.
"Yo, phil was having a slippery lip so i dropped him on his head, and now he thinks he is a choade"
by Mr. Fields May 08, 2005
where you shit into a toilet bowl through your mouth facing backwards on the toilet. not to be confused with when you pee over your shoulder facing away from the urinal.
"If you should could you if?"
by Mr. Fields May 03, 2005
When you let a midget enter all the way into your ass hole, and then turn around and shoot him out.
"Yo, we took Kenny yesterday and gave him a Slippery Midget and he shot across the lake."
by Mr. Fields May 05, 2005
When you lip someone and give them a woogie from the front so hard it goes over your head and rips their underwear out.
"They pulled a frontal woogie on Lip and now he can sign soprano."
by Mr. Fields May 05, 2005
(Verb)-The act of pulling someone off a couch and drawing and quartering them. Can also be done reverse style, by pushing someone's legs down so hard that their grundle ruptures.

(Noun)-A slightly overweight polish boy with an unnatural talent for playing the piano who's body temperature is about 100 degrees celsius.
"We lipped Lip off the coach and dropped him on his little polish head".
by Mr. Fields April 26, 2005
1: a treat used too reward an obedient dog/cat/veloceraptor when they perform a trick or do something entertaining such as:
-Roll over
-Play dead
-Cut open you friend's chest with their claws

Comes in a variety of flavors/shapes/genders.

2: a command word, issued in a high pitch voice, that gets higher in the middle AU of the word. Best done next to one's ear.
CAUTION: can cause destructive behavior if said to those that are affected by such a word.
Hutch: GRRRRAAAHHHH!!!!!(rampage ensues)
by Mr. Fields May 08, 2005
Something everyone in the Gutter has thought about...killing matt fields
Yo, after he got tunnel vision, fields told everyone he passed out. now everyone thinks about killing fields
by Mr. Fields April 29, 2005
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