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It's looks a lot like a dolly (the kind of dolly you use for moving heavy boxes), but with larger wheels. Segways are motorized, designed to transport people in a manner that's safer and more environmentally-friendly than that of cars.

Not to be confused with a segue, of the same pronounciation, which is a transition between two consecutive ideas in a speech or conversation.
"I guess I thought about trying a Segway, but bicycles are so much cheaper."
by MoxyFox December 21, 2006
1. A measurement of how attractive something would be to a nerd or geek.

2. Others (nerd or otherwise) who are attracted to nerds are experiencing the nerds' inherent 'nerd appeal'.
1. Wired magazine tries to have a lot of 'nerd appeal' as it caters to its technophiliac market. They talk about lots of shiny, complicated gadgets.

2. "That kid in my math class is really smart - maybe I should ask him out. Mm."
by MoxyFox December 21, 2006
A combination of Christmas, Kwanzaa, Chanukah, and Ramadan, four holidays that occur around the same time in the winter. (The word itself is less important than making it as long as humanly possible, and combining at least three of those four holidays.)

1. It can be used to describe a multi-religious or secular holiday that purposely assimilates several religious traditions in an effort to be universally applicable (especially ones that are somewhat ignorant of the holidays that they are combining).
2. Or, as a comical salutation to wish a happy holiday to as many people as possible.

Similar to Chrinnukyulezaa and Chrinnukyulezaa.
1. "I hung some dreidls and vegetables on the tree, so that Noah and M'kayla wouldn't feel so left out this year."
"Good idea; let's see if they'd like to help us bake some gingerbread Ramadan cookies."

2. 'Merry Kwanzidanamistamas!'
'Happy Chrismachkwanzawanadan!'
by MoxyFox December 21, 2006
MOCKS-ee, n.
Having moxie means having enough cleverness, skill, creativity, fortitude and cajones to solve (or, at least, to get out of) a difficult and personally threatening situation.

Originally a Yiddish word, popularized by Moxie soda and the Kingdom of Loathing. The caffienated soda tried to add 'vigor and energy' to the idea of moxie; and KoL invented the adjective (moxious), and made 'moxie' also imply stylishness, accordion skills, and the ability to mix really good drinks.

(Having moxie doesn't always imply that you're the tricksy chutzpah who caused this situation in the first place, but the terms aren't mutually exclusive either.)
Think Anansi, Bre'r Rabbit, Robin Hood, etc.

"Sure, you'd like to burn off his hair in his sleep. But do you have the moxie to get away with it?"
by MoxyFox December 21, 2006

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