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A combination of Christmas, Kwanzaa, Chanukah, and Ramadan, four holidays that occur around the same time in the winter. (The word itself is less important than making it as long as humanly possible, and combining at least three of those four holidays.)

1. It can be used to describe a multi-religious or secular holiday that purposely assimilates several religious traditions in an effort to be universally applicable (especially ones that are somewhat ignorant of the holidays that they are combining).
2. Or, as a comical salutation to wish a happy holiday to as many people as possible.

Similar to Chrinnukyulezaa and Chrinnukyulezaa.
1. "I hung some dreidls and vegetables on the tree, so that Noah and M'kayla wouldn't feel so left out this year."
"Good idea; let's see if they'd like to help us bake some gingerbread Ramadan cookies."

2. 'Merry Kwanzidanamistamas!'
'Happy Chrismachkwanzawanadan!'
by MoxyFox December 21, 2006
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