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quater pound of marijuana
I just sold a q-p
by mosdef June 18, 2003
slang for marijuana
where the doh-doh at?!
by mosdef June 25, 2003
an ounce of marijuana
I scored an o-zer for 3-hundo
by mosdef June 18, 2003
(N.) THC, >with flavor crystals< the reason for investing in chrondo. Cause MECCY CONTAINS NO THC.
Sticky-icky-icky. That shit's been dipped in honey and rolled in suga!
by mosdef July 18, 2003
1. Straight CRUNKED.

2. When you are crazy bout someone and they are constantly on your mind.
#2 example:
Man, that boy's got me throwed!
by MosDef February 24, 2005
3.5 ounces of marijuana
all I got's an eighter.
60 an eighter is a CRIME!
by mosdef June 18, 2003

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