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a rapping grandpa who sleeps 25/8, cracks horrrible pun jokes, killed the hip hop within him, and prefers the name syub dj when he mcs
"suga, what would you like to say to your fans?"
"everyone, hip hop is dead."
#bts #suga #bangtanboys #armyhumor #representingbighit
by sophyung June 28, 2015
Suga has two meanings:

1). Term for a girl who is really beautiful, hot, young and sexy.
-Pronounced, "sugar".

2). The samoan term for "girl" or "chick". Used as the opposite of 'sole' (meaning 'boy' or 'bro').
-Pronounced, "soong-ah"
(-Sole is pronounced, "soh-leh"
1). - Suga suga how u get so fly??
- Dayum suga, you hot! U reeal hot!

2). **samoan kissing noise** Hey suga! Fai o le fe'au's.....
-Hey suga, what you been up to?
by j-RoCka April 17, 2004
Another meaning for lovin'
What's up baby. Can I playa get some suga?
by Yeemix April 19, 2004
1) a term used to describe a child or any other younger person

2) is in reference to diabetes, a disease that affects ones sugar level.

3) a kiss
1. "come here suga let me put some fat on your bones"

2. "I heard that Sister Shirly got the suga"

3. "Come here and give grandmama some suga"
#sugar #kiss #diabetes #baby #sweetie
by is it because im black December 23, 2005
A term used mainly by older black women from the south. Can be used upon people younger then them with they need some lovin' advice from a worldly figure.
1. Come ova here suga, let Grammy Molasses give you some advice on boys.

2. Hey suga! Get yo ass ova here and help be finish this corn bread! If you dont get here soon, Imma goona whoop yo ass!, suga.
by Suga B. June 08, 2005
stands for sugar- what you call a nice looking guy or girl
A. She's such a suga.
B. That suga over there is some cutie!
by Ellie February 11, 2005
One of the most common words in screen and chat names. right up there with roxy, hunni, sexy, and "lil"
HEY! xXLiL SuGa HuNnIXx just signed on!
by will April 20, 2004
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