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1. To achieve a complete and total victory over another.
2. A negative consequence, usually owing to fate rather than a particular person.
1. Man, I totally assraped him in paintball last night
2. I can't believe I'm getting assraped this badly.
by Morgana June 24, 2003
fattest of the fat
Man..she wansnt just fat - she was pigfat.
by morgana September 06, 2003
One who sits by himself playing with his own feces. Sometimes flinging it around the room and/or at others.
Oh my gawd! Look at that monkey daegoring.
by Morgana April 26, 2003
See retard. Total. Retard. Moo.
Super-Man on efnet is a retard!
by Morgana February 08, 2005
the sexy, juan ricardo's luscious nipples.
when i pinned him against the wall, his strawberry nipples were sharp enough to cut glass.
by Morgana December 11, 2003
to steal something of low monetary value.
i danked that shit, yo.
by Morgana December 11, 2003
1. Hardcore sexual activity, usually involving penetration.

All I need is a good job and some plot, and I'll be all right.
by Morgana June 24, 2003

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