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1 A teenage girl who enjoys talking with her friends and haing fun

2 A evil teenage girl who is hyper and evil ha* ha*

3 A Smart & Studious young lady
123 In spanish class <Idont have spanish class!< I said "Hola" to Senorita Colette.

123 In English class <Per.3 w/ Marquie< I said "Hi" to Colette
by MORBID April 27, 2004
1) where shit happens, but never really happens.

2) Where everything seems possible, but nothing is as it seems.
We just set the clocks back an hour, what happens this hour never happened.
by Morbid November 15, 2003
1) to have balance

2) the word most off my friends can say while we are completely shitfaced, but one of my friends can't say it even while completely sober.
"Say equilibrium." "FUCKING EQUILIBRIUM, I can say it, i just don't have it."
by Morbid November 17, 2003
1) A cigarette or "smoke".

2) To engage in smoking.
n. 1. Hey, can I bum a smizz?

v. 2. I'm going to go smizz before I go to work.
by Morbid December 28, 2002
drunk intoxicated with alcohol
Everybody in the club getting tipsy!
by MORBID April 21, 2004

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