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Much like the dirty sanchez. While doing a girl from behind, insert one finger in asshole, take it out and reach around, place that finger under her nose. Only leave a small amount of dung under her nose. When she turns around, throw your arm in the air and Chant "HIAL HITLER".
She wasnt into doggie style so I had to give her the angry hitler
by mook May 13, 2004
Widely considered to be the ultimate response when backed into an argumentative corner, this phrase has revolutionised academic debate since its inception in the early 17th century.
John Stuart Mill: Immanuel, I believe we should define the rightness of actions by a consequentialist theory of ethics.

Kant: Are you calling my mum a liar?

JS Mill: What? No....

Kant: Well shut up then.
by Mook November 12, 2004
Spanish word meaning, literally: "goat sucker".
Can also be used as an insult.
Jose: " What happened to the flock man?"
Paco: " I think it was a chupacabras bro."
by mook December 24, 2004
Hedonism is the only way to live. Most teenagers strive to become hedonists by being lazy and generally doing everything and anything to make them feel good. Hedonism is the way to go.
Being lazy is a start down the path to hedonism...
by Mook April 21, 2005
Played-out sportscaster buzzword. Used as a weak compliment to a player or team's stamina or courage when faced with a snowball's chances in Hell of succeeding.
HOWIE LONG: You know, the Bengals suck in every possible way. They have no talent, no coaching, and they play in Cincinnati.

TERRY BRADSHAW: Yeah, but they got heart! Wooo-hoooo! Yessiree, sweet Jimmy-Bob cornbread in th' outhouse!

HOWIE LONG: Dumbass.
by Mook July 16, 2003
It's not slang, it's not lingo, but rather a hybrid version of the two words. Created by myself, or so I'd like to think about two years ago =)
Yeah, I'm down with the slingo.

Wow, that's some bizarre slingo he's using.
by mook September 10, 2004
having the characteristic of being a delicious frosty
This frosty is frostylicious!
by Mook April 30, 2004
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