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A complete and total dumbass; a moron oblivious to their surroundings; one who is unable to grasp the obvious.

Derived from the character of Sheldon Sands in the film Once Upon a Time in Mexico.
I can't see, fuckmook, I have no eyes!
by Matthew May 10, 2004
An amusing word to use. Someone who isn't very observant, or can be used as a general insult. Is used by Johnny Depp in Once Upon A Time in Mexico.
" I can't see fuckmook, I have no eyes!"
by Samantha March 09, 2004
A person who is oblivious to everything around them.
Blind Passenger: Driver, why have we stopped?

Taxi Driver: The streets are blocked up in front, can't you see!!

Blind Passenger: No, I can't Fuck Mook, I have no eyes.
by Keith Fischer March 02, 2004
Just another word for a person who is a dumb ass.
Get your ass off the copier you fuck mook.
by Thalian_Chick February 07, 2005

1 Specifically, a stupid cab driver

2 any other sufficiently stupid individual, especially those who ask for the impossible
I can't see you Fuckmook, I have no eyes.

You fuckmook, don't you know that game is rigged?
by Fritaly December 23, 2003

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