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An online forum where a bunch of cool girls hang out and make horny dessert cliques and chuck norris clubs.
Sorry mom, I can't clean my room, I'm on TCO.
by cupcakegirl June 09, 2009
52 24
Taken Care Of.
Annoying Mother: 'Holy shit did you wash teh dishes, mow the lawn, clean your room, do your homework, mail these checks, call your legal representative back, smoke that dimebag and take a shower?'
Son: 'Shut up, it's TCO.'
by drizzake July 12, 2008
29 22
The other half of team rand
Also known as Beth
Short for Tira Connell
t-co hawaiin hot boxed the bathroom with her team member bender
by team rand April 16, 2009
4 3
(Twin City Outlaws) .com Is an online forum full of old belly aching douche rockets.
Hey do you browse TCO?
No fuck those assholes, i browse TCStangs
by Kleenx D9 June 17, 2012
1 1
Another word for Texaco
"Dude im gonna go to t-co wanna come?"
"Yeah sure why not"
by Sierra November 23, 2004
1 3
Terrys Chocolate Orange, a delightful treat
I am quite peckish, TCO ME BITCH
by TheCorporateLadder March 22, 2011
2 7
Total Cock-Out.
While a TKO can be a total knock-out, a TCO, or total cock-out, is the act of getting cockslapped so hard you either fall over or pass out.
Mike Tyson has a 14 in member. Damn, he could use that thing as a weapon! TCO, bitch!
by MatRus August 05, 2005
14 29