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Is a condition where in the females of large girth produce a foul odor because of bad hyiegene around the breast area. Usually accompanied by growths of hair, and acne.
She's really fine.. but damn.. those swamp titties be buzzing!
by MohammedMudSlaP February 14, 2008
The excessive amount of skin of the scrotum causing a wrinkling effect similar to that of a Shar Pei.
Dude.. i went for a swim.. and when i got out i had a mad scro pei.
by MohammedMudSlaP February 14, 2008
When sackhairs become long they tickle their partner's chins during oral sex.
Diego gave Bri a chintickler.
by MohammedMudSlaP February 13, 2008
The act of ejaculating on your partners face, attempting to create jizz like goggles.
Sara got so wasted, she had to pay with a pair of googels.
by MohammedMudSlap December 14, 2007
Is a uncomfortable period of time of silence, in which two people who are usually in the beginning stages of a potential relationship, discover the horror of complete and utter silence. Usually this period of time is so long, that any hope of a sexual encounter is quickly extinguished.
My date was so hot! but my conversational coma kicked in thus i ended the night like i usually do, crying and masturbating.
by MohammedMudSlaP June 25, 2009
Is a play on rumplestilskin. It is the act of stretching out the ball sacks over the forehead of your frumpy partner.
Hahahaha Reina was so baked I gave her a frumpleforeskin.
by MohammedMudSlaP February 13, 2008
To perform cunninglingus.
Bitch crazy if i gonna play the whoremoanica on that stankass.. her dna is made of aids.
by MohammedMudSlaP May 21, 2009

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