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The cross between a trick and a swamp donkey. A slutty, ugly-ass female.
"That girl is definitely a tronky."

i.e Brittany Spears, aka White Trailer Trash. Tronky
by MoJo701 September 07, 2007
TWOFT means = Total Waste Of Fucking Time

why did you bother its just a TWOFT, or John is just a TWOFT
Man that bloke was a TWOFT, a total waste of fucking time!!!! why did you bother with all that cut to the chase its a complete TWOFT
by MoJo701 September 07, 2007
Total Waste Of Fucking Space
A person or situation thats pointless, omg why did I bother with that it was just a TWOFS.
You kno that geeza who thinks our m8 is cute well he cracked onto her and we kno he's a complete looser so we told her dont bother with him hes a TWOFS!
by MoJo701 September 07, 2007
minnow = fish, mush = mouth aka fish face or upside down smiley face, facial contorsions that wrecked up people pull
omg check her out she's proper gurning she's got a minnow mush!

hey how you doin?, ahhh by the looks of things not great check your minnow mush! I think you should check yourself before you wreck yourself! hehehe
by MoJo701 September 07, 2007
Nasty taste in your mouth, often after consuming something or something not so pleasurable
awww that gum has left a twacky taste in my mouth,

that's so twacky I wont be doing that again,
I shouldn't have burnt the candles at both ends last night wrecking it up I have got severe morning after twacky mouth gross!
by MoJo701 September 07, 2007

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