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4 definitions by Mixmage

Getting fucked on stong continental lagers.
It was only supposed to be a quick pint, but it turned into a menage artois...
by mixmage May 24, 2007
Decorative adornment (usu. precious metals and gems) worn around a thick, matted braid of hair which radiates from the scalp in a style popularized by Rastafarians. Only to be found in the local Birmingham dialect, as a direct result of a pub discussion on the proper word for dreadlock adornment.
Check the lockbling on that... makes me wanna go Native American.
by mixmage January 17, 2006
Euphemism for spending a large amount of money on something. A relatively large expense.
'Those are your options, but if you want to spend a car on it...' or 'Thanks, but I don't want to spend a car on it'.
by Mixmage February 15, 2006
in De Nile. see denile denial
He's a bit of a Wet Egyptian - I mean, that shirt fell straight off the boat at Cairo!
by mixmage June 24, 2005