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A down syndrome (downy)
Stop acting like a berkit
by Mitchell July 05, 2003
Words used by owners of Honda's with the variable valve timing system (vtec) to imtimidate there oponents, it is a battle cry, and a catchy saying.

*Also known as vtec y0 ass, and vtec y0 a$$*
my vtir prelude will vtec yo ass nissan boy!
by Mitchell August 28, 2004
ghetto substitution for plural form "cents"
"yo about 50 cent... he raps"
by mitchell January 12, 2004
i store that i like go to to check out the clearence rack for a cool t-shirt from anywhere from $6 - $20 (everything else in AE is overpriced).
i'm going in AE to check out the clearence rack!
by MITCHELL July 04, 2005
the noise you make when you eat. repeat it three times.
i want to yomp yomp yomp a cheebugah.
by mitchell August 31, 2004
Cherry Hill, well it is a place where litte bratty jews cry to their daddy's when they got the lexus couple instead of the benz. Everyone is trying to be someone the obviously are not, like white people always try to be black and fail horribly mostly becuase they are white. All the chicks are slutty whores, but wear so much makeup its amzing it all fits on their ugly big-nosed faces. Cherry Hill is alright, it is just the "cherry hillers" that fucking suck.
Fuck you daddy, the lexus is so ugly. I told you i want the benz you cheap piece of shit. I HATE YOU!
by Mitchell April 05, 2005
a run down area of the city.
every one who lives in winnipeg knows that gordon bell school is ghetto.
man gordon bell is sooo ghetto!
by MITCHELL March 29, 2005

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