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a four-piece band from Vancouver Canada.
they sing punk/screamo music.

stands for:
The Witness Protection Program.
Have you heard the song by the WPP, its called, "your never to old to be burned to death in a fire".
by MITCHELL March 27, 2005
A purposely deceiving or unfair circumstance.
There was absolutely no hot puss at the party at all as Mark said there would be. What a damn jew trap.
by mitchell April 04, 2005
Someone who is really crazy but really cool too.
Daniel Aylott he is very crazy and really cool. In fact he is the funniest person I know.
by Mitchell November 10, 2004
Anyone who has a dirty or unkept appearance and does manual labor.

Hibbidee's are often spotted walking along the sides of roads.
Hank was upset after he ran over a hibbidee and got his jeep taken away for a week.
by Mitchell May 12, 2003
after sitting for a short or long period of time then standing up will most likey get you a head rush, a rush of very extreme dizzyness.
Jim:"whoa whats wrong?"
Greg:"Major head rush!"
by MITCHELL July 09, 2005
The definition of a lady's man. A popular pimp and friendly, laid back fellow. Also called Ion, Fizz, Fizzle, or Fizzpop
Yeah, thats my man John, hes an IonFizzle. Good guy
by Mitchell June 20, 2004
To be extremely potent to Candian chicks.
Bhulinder went to Canada and every chick he saw got pregnant.
by Mitchell August 24, 2003

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