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30 definitions by Mitchell

The Game is a strait up Gangsta from Compton.
He WAS in G-UNIT, im talking to you mr."PIMP DADDY DOLLARS".
If you look at his videos it says at the bottom 'G-unit' and some other label I cant remember.
He is now kicked out of g-unit.
the Game brings back the more old school feel of rap music.

plus he's way better than fifty.
by MITCHELL March 27, 2005
103 94
A purposely deceiving or unfair circumstance.
There was absolutely no hot puss at the party at all as Mark said there would be. What a damn jew trap.
by mitchell April 04, 2005
43 38
a four-piece band from Vancouver Canada.
they sing punk/screamo music.

stands for:
The Witness Protection Program.
Have you heard the song by the WPP, its called, "your never to old to be burned to death in a fire".
by MITCHELL March 27, 2005
4 1
Someone who is really crazy but really cool too.
Daniel Aylott he is very crazy and really cool. In fact he is the funniest person I know.
by Mitchell November 10, 2004
3 1
Anyone who has a dirty or unkept appearance and does manual labor.

Hibbidee's are often spotted walking along the sides of roads.
Hank was upset after he ran over a hibbidee and got his jeep taken away for a week.
by Mitchell May 12, 2003
4 2
The definition of a lady's man. A popular pimp and friendly, laid back fellow. Also called Ion, Fizz, Fizzle, or Fizzpop
Yeah, thats my man John, hes an IonFizzle. Good guy
by Mitchell June 20, 2004
4 3
To be extremely potent to Candian chicks.
Bhulinder went to Canada and every chick he saw got pregnant.
by Mitchell August 24, 2003
8 7