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T'Pol: A Vulcan Scientific Officer assigned to the USS Enterprise with the explicit purpose of diluting poor storylines with poorly disguised quasi sexual content.
Tripp: "isnt it time for my neuropressure?"
T'Pol: "take your clothes off"
by Miros December 23, 2003
A bullshit paradox
Hey, check out my new Jumbo Shrimp! That's just a cybernetic organisim.
by Miros December 23, 2003
Tripp: The Starfleet engineer assigned to the USS Enterprise. While an engineer and self-proclaimed physicist, he spends very little time in engineering...
Archer: "tripp! reroute power!"
Tripp: "What does this look like? the 24th century?"
by Miros December 23, 2003
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