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To be bludgeoned up the botty with a rich, creamy chocolate bar, before feeding it to your pet, making it vomit it up again, then feeding it to your loved one.
Hello darling, fancy spending 40 fine english pence on a galaxy liaison?
by Minkey March 18, 2005
Dining upon the festering kebab of an ugly, middle aged minger.
I got terribly, terribly drunk one night. I ws desperate to twang my load. Ya know when you just need to get laid? Anyway, I awoke in the morning then realised I'd munched a monster! EEK!
by Minkey March 22, 2005
The practise of moistening your undercrackers whilst running along a metalled road
It was raining and cold and I love 10ping in ma pay-ants! Ooooooooh itchy!
by Minkey March 08, 2005
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