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1. A type of cloth.
2. How a Moran spells Muslim
1. She was wearing a wheat-colored muslin blouse.
2. They's too many Muslins in the US of A, Dammit!
by MineralMan August 25, 2010
Completely without wit, witless. The lowest level of wit.
While Eric was a halfwit, and Buffy was a dimwit, Charles was a complete lackwit, and had no clue about anything.
by MineralMan May 30, 2008
Derived from the Spanish chingar, meaning to fuck or to fuck up. It was in common usage in 1960s Southern California to mean "mess up." Past tense and past perfect is chungered. Almost always used in the past tense, as in examples, but can be used in present or future.
I hit a tree and chungered my fender.
Yeah, I fell off my bicycle and chungered my knee bad.
Oh wow, man. That tire is totally chungered.
If you go over that dirt road, you're going to chunger your oil pan.
by MineralMan October 15, 2007
A deceptive word usage or oxymoronic word. People who are pro-life are really only pro-birth. Once a person is born, people who are pro-life lose all interest in that person's life.
George W. Bush is Pro-life. His policies killed well over a million people in Iraq and Afghanistan, but he supports every fetus's right to be born. After that, he couldn't care less.
by MineralMan February 06, 2010
A blogger who is paid by an organization to blog in a way that benefits that organization. Virtually synonymous with Troll.
I never pay any attention to that plogger; he's on the take from the Republican Party.
by MineralMan August 25, 2010
Early 1960s teen slang, meaning sweaty and smelly. Based on the yeasty smell of sweat and related to a "batch" of rising dough. Heard in Southern California high schools. Girls, however, were never batchy.
Oh, man. I've got to get a shower. I have a date with Cindy, and she hates it when I'm all batchy.
by MineralMan October 30, 2010
1. A person who is publicly and willfully stupid. 2. One who posts stupid things on Internet forums. 3. A politician who frequently is seen with his or her foot inserted in his or her mouth.
Did you see what that dimbecile posted yesterday about Obama?" "I can't believe I wrote that. I'm such a dimbecile
by MineralMan August 18, 2010
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