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Derived from the Spanish chingar, meaning to fuck or to fuck up. It was in common usage in 1960s Southern California to mean "mess up." Past tense and past perfect is chungered. Almost always used in the past tense, as in examples, but can be used in present or future.
I hit a tree and chungered my fender.
Yeah, I fell off my bicycle and chungered my knee bad.
Oh wow, man. That tire is totally chungered.
If you go over that dirt road, you're going to chunger your oil pan.
by MineralMan October 15, 2007
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a chuncky, aggresive, beastly girl. Usually used when referringg to a big girl when playing a sport
omg, that chunger ran right into me.
by jymmy January 30, 2011
n: an extension of hangry; a strong, overwhelming distraction by the desire to satiate one's hunger with fast food, immediately.
He's got chungry eyes, one look at his face and he can't disguise he's got the CHUNGER!

Now picture this: You & your girlfriend. Drunk. Very drunk. Ten shots and five beers. You think "tacos. Gotta have tacos, or burritos, or PB&J, or chicken fingers, or Pizza Rolls or......."

That's the chunger!
by chippeli March 16, 2011

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