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Biznatch, means 'bitch.' Can be used as a real insult, or as a petname for your friends.
Wazzup, biznatch?
by Min October 17, 2003
A semi-engorged cock. See: Semi Lob on
I get a lazy lob just thinking about her.
by Min October 01, 2004
Another Purple Headed slang term for a fully engorged penis
While she blew me I pulled out of her mouth and started beating her about the head with my purple headed love trunchon
by Min January 07, 2007
a game that is triggered when a person is spotted who is unable to be identified as a male or a female. The person who spots the unidentifiable person says to his/her friend "pineapple" they then attempt to identify the gender of the spotted person. The word "pineapple" is a code word used so that the game can commence in close proximity of the unidentifiable person.
Pablo: "PINEAPPLE, look Jeff a pineapple"

Jeff: "I think that's a dude"

Pablo: "No way, look it's got tits"

Jeff: "But it also has a beard!"

Pablo: "it's also wearing a bra"

Jeff: "ohhh yeah it is wearing a bra, must be a chick......"
by MIN May 07, 2014
some kind of nut I guess
That's the second biggest paranut I've ever seen.
by min February 06, 2004
A vagina that expels air pumped into it during intercourse in a loud flatuelent manner.
I have such a fart box after Tony and I do it doggy-style. It's so embarrassing!
by min December 15, 2004
To have sex without a condom.
I used to catch feels on a bitch,
Now I wear a shield to stop the HIV shit.
-Notorious BIG
by min December 15, 2004

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