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It's an absolutely special Turkish food. It has got different kinds like iskender and adana.
Adana Kebap is usually really hot and Iskender Kebap is served with yogurt, which is another Turkish food.
by komiksey November 24, 2006
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Although the name isn't Turkish,kebap is very common and traditional food among Turkish peoples.Turk is lived long time as nomads,so they consumed mostly meats.So,in Ottomans meat is protected it's worth in Ottoman kitchen.Today that we referred fish,mutton,veal .etc is labelled as kebap in cookbooks at Ottomans.Mostly it is produced with mutton and veal,it can be produced by chicken meat too.Kebap is marinating with onion juice (we can also see tomato juice) before cooking.Cooking process is the most need to pay attention for part of making kebap.It can cooked with barbecue,wood-burning oven and also LPG.In the cooking process,either their own juice or melted butter used for oiling.Another advise is,flour kebap ,so on the kebap it's become shell,it's juice is prevented to going out.In Turkey,you can find kebap restaurant almost every county that have restaurant.
I love kebap,I love şiş köfte!
by realsurfer July 07, 2014
An expression indicating that someone has just been dissed. Can be used in place of snap!
Person 1: "Your Momma'so fat . . ."
Person 2: "Oooo, Kebap!"
by MagicMMM January 05, 2006
Hungarian fast food, usually served with french fries.
The downtown's kebap place's owner's Toyota was torched last wednesday.
by Miller December 15, 2003

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