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its a name and it means god of light
uriah is one of the saints in the bible ...
by wowzers1202 September 08, 2007
1.) Chill
2.) Smart
3.) Hot as fuck
4.) Amazing listener
5.) Always DTF
6.) Coolest kid you'll ever meet
Susie: Who's your boyfriend?
Hannah: Uriah
Susie: Really? You're so lucky, he's such an amazing guy!
by xxAmburrxx January 19, 2012
what your momma gets every night
Have good night baby I'm going to fuck uriah.
by uriah June 25, 2003
Female Reproductive Organ
WOW! that's a nice Uriah!
by Vagisaurus Rex August 17, 2010
Fat Ass
Uriah is a fat ass...FAT ASS!!!!
by J. Stew Austin February 10, 2010