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To run really fast, usually away from police or the fuzz.
mark: shit man, the fuzz saw us blazing!
liam: fuck, grab the weed and BOOK OUT!
by Miklus March 21, 2006
to go, to leave,
I'm going to book out of here. He is booking down the road in that truck. I'm gonna' book out of this job.
by south pac flash May 24, 2009
to leave, to go away,to depart. In the trades (electricians, plumbers, iron workers, etc. used a union book for identification. When they would say :I'm going to "book out" and go to work on another job site.
we are going to book out to a new job.
by David Cordes April 18, 2005
To hand out/give out. Also known as one variation of bust out.
If people try to ask for pads, I'm going to book out free tampons I got from the internet!
by Luan Nguyen June 06, 2007
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