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a person who enjoys meetings and all sorts of administrative events and tries to attend as many of them as possible.

Being socially active is one thing, meeting for the sake of meeting is another. I try to stay away from meetniks for whom getting together is an end in itself. Meeting without meaning is worse than meaning without meeting.
by Mikhail Epstein October 02, 2003
dislove verb transitive (prefix dis + love; cf. dislike, disapprove) Ð to have a deep negative feeling, attraction-through-aversion to smbd.

"Dislove" is a deeper feeling than "dislike," it is not just a matter of taste, but of personal relationship. It is addressed to individuals rather than to inanimate entities. Dislove implies a strong negative emotional connection to its object.
I don't hate Andy. I just dislove him. I wish him to be happy with somebody else.
by Mikhail Epstein November 07, 2003
infinition (definition + infinitity) Ð an infinite process of defining something that cannot be fully or precisely defined; an endless list of possible definitions.
Certain fluid concepts in their emergent state are subject to in-finition--infinite dispersal of their meaning--rather than to definition. To infine is to suggest the infinity of possible definitions of a certain term or concept and therefore to problematize its meaning and the possibility or the benefit of defining it. If definition circumscribes a specific conceptual area, then infinition releases the concept from restricting demarcations and places it in an indeterminate zone. For example, Jacques Derrida never defines his method of deconstruction but only infines it in numerous passages. Infinition is for the humanities what for mathematics is a transcendental number with its "infinite decimal expansion" expressed by a non-periodic decimal fraction: an endless approximation to and escape from a discrete definition.
by Mikhail Epstein November 06, 2003
ignorement n ignore + suffix ment; cf. treatment, excitement - a noun that signifies ignoring something or somebody, corresponding to the verb ignore, but different from ignorance (which is derived from ignore, but has a different meaning, "lack of knowledge").

I hoped to receive forgiveness but instead was met with suspicion and ignorement.

Your son's continuous ignorement of his civil duties needs to be noticed and reprimanded.

The government shows the same ignorement towards human lives as towards human rights.
by Mikhail Epstein November 02, 2003
astralgia, n. (Gr. astro-, star + Gr. algos Ð pain, grief, distress; cf. nostalgia) - a longing for stars and interstellar travels to the remote corners of the universe; homesickness for cosmos.
The film "Gattaca" is about astralgia. The protagonist, Vincent, though deemed genetically flawed and subsequently fated to Á low-level occupation, pursues to the end his dream of space travel.
by Mikhail Epstein November 16, 2003
netscapism n (net + escapism) - an inclination to retreat from unpleasant realities into the electronic network, or virtual world.
In the past, the wild nature and remote countries were the favorite refuge for escapists. Now netscapism, especially among adolescents, has grown into a serious social problem.
by Mikhail Epstein November 07, 2003
verb or noun (woman + manoeuvre) - to act in a female manner, to use feminine tactics for achieving one's goals.
Womanoeuvre is a strategy to convert your weaknesses into advantages.

He tried to outmanoeuvre her but was helpless against womanoeuvring.

by Mikhail Epstein April 15, 2009

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