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supernatural boons and messianic miracles that Barack Obama is expected to graciously produce if elected president of the USA.
Don't expect obamanna immediately falling upon us after
the presidential inauguration.
by Mikhail Epstein October 27, 2008
a fusion of languages in a literary work.
James Joyce's "Finnegans Wake" is a perfect example of tonguefusion.
by Mikhail Epstein March 30, 2008
the dictatorship of doctors; the system of medical coercion that includes the mandatory methods of treatment enforced by hospitals and insurance companies. A patient has no choice. Medical totalitarianism.
They oblige me to follow this course of treatment because it is most profitable for the clinic. Doctatorship is no less dangerous for the society than political dictatorship is. We live under the regime of medical fascism.
by Mikhail Epstein March 30, 2008
chronocide n (Gr. khronos, time + Lat. cidum, from caedere, to slay; cf. genocide, homicide, parricide) - the murder of time, the violent interruption of historical succession and continuity.

Any revolution is a form of chronocide: the past and present are sacrificed to the future. Any counterrevolution is also a chronocide: the present and the future are sacrificed to the past.

Communism is a chronocide: it destroys the tradition in its leap to the ungrounded future.

Fascism is a chronocide: it brings the society under the spell of the archaic past.
by Mikhail Epstein November 09, 2003
chronomaniac n (Gr. khronos, time + Gr. mania, obsession, madness; cf. nymphomaniac) - a person obsessed with time and speed; one who attempts to live faster and to control time expenditure up to the smallest units.

He is a chronomaniac. He looks at his watch every minute.
by Mikhail Epstein November 09, 2003
inventure (invention+adventure) Ð an adventure of mind, creative and engaging intellectual action.

This book is about the invention of radio, but it reads like a thriller, with one inventure piled upon another.

By cutting reason down to size and establishing its ÒproperÓ limits, Kant encouraged subsequent inventures, a never-ending quest to reach beyond the limits of rational thought.

by Mikhail Epstein November 06, 2003
(why? + suffix "nik")—a person (often a child) who asks incessantly "why?" (a translation of Russian "pochemuchka")

This little whynik will drive me mad. Let him stop asking.
by Mikhail Epstein March 30, 2008

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