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Skills; ability to pick up dudes, in a gay way.
Girlfriend, you got gayme!
by Mikey June 27, 2003
1. A mistake.
2. A trip or fall. (to pull a fuckner)
3. A moron or idiot.
1. Whoops, I made a fuckner.
2. I slipped off the step and pulled a fuckner.
3. You are such a fuckner.
by mikey February 20, 2003
a great social and growing up sport to do,also a great time playing and learning new moves
to me hacksack is an everyday thing for me,it brings me life when im feeling down.
by mikey March 22, 2005
a midget
i stupid little truffle picker knocked me in the legs today walking up the stairs
by mikey October 07, 2003
fat ass, sweet sexy mullet wearing cock smoker.
howard hush, toledo ohio
by mikey July 15, 2003
A squirrely young virgin (male) who often spends his days diving for oysters and gets no oral in return from his greedy but beatiful lover. Suffering from immense sexual frustration, he often relieves himself with excessive, chafing masturbation.
Hey Frieze, quit d-jackin, man. Your wang's going to fall off.

Oh man, frieze. That skank blue-balled you again, huh?
by Mikey July 11, 2003
An irritating, annoying and/or nagging person (esp. woman).
That freakin' itchbag wouldn't shut the hell up and leave me alone all day.
by Mikey May 21, 2003
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