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To have meaningless sex, or a word that you and your buds use in substitution of the word sex, make love, etc.
Yo man i banged that biatch so many times...
by Mikeo August 06, 2003
For Sure, Damn sure, or Yeah buddy.
MD- You have to take a shit or something?
Johnnay- F'digity
by mikeo January 23, 2006
Fodigity - 1. For Sure 2. No Doubt 3. For Damn Sure 4. Hell yeah 5. I'm down yo'
Johnnay- Hey dude i got the freakin' munchies, you?
MD- Fodigity
by mikeo January 23, 2006
Severe Diarrhea

Excessive and frequent evacuation of watery feces, usually indicating gastrointestinal distress or disorder.

MD- Dude you look freakin' sick.
Johnnay- My fucking stomach hurts dude!
MD- Dude I think you have "Harsh Browns," you better fucking run to the restroom.
Johnnay- I think your right. I better fucking hurry or i'll have "Harsh Brown" stains on my draws!
MD- Fodigity
by mikeo January 24, 2006
For Sure, I'm Down, Damn Sure, Yea buddy
Johnnay- Lets own these newbs with our 1337 skills!
MD- Fodigity
by mikeo January 23, 2006
A piece of shit taken with pride.
I hope you like my shiznityrific car facko!
by Mikeo August 06, 2003
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