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Variation of a harsh burn, an incendiary insult that is goes well with ketchup.
King #3: Fuck you, you white honky nigga!
Norse: Can I have some ketchup?
King #3: Why?
Norse: To put on some of these harsh browns you guys keep serving me.
King #3: Horse browns?
King #2: Fuck you, you the horse, mother fucker!
King #1: Fuckin' horses and shit.
King#3: Fuck you, you white honky nordic nigga bitch! #harsh comment #harsh burn #hash brown #harsh brown
by Rainbow Wong June 17, 2009
Negative, critical, or discriminatory comments that come off as harsh put-downs.
Can I have some Ketchup?

For what?

To put on all these harsh browns you keep serving me.
#diss #playerhate #jock #jibe #insult
by clarkthe2nd May 22, 2010
Severe Diarrhea

Excessive and frequent evacuation of watery feces, usually indicating gastrointestinal distress or disorder.

MD- Dude you look freakin' sick.
Johnnay- My fucking stomach hurts dude!
MD- Dude I think you have "Harsh Browns," you better fucking run to the restroom.
Johnnay- I think your right. I better fucking hurry or i'll have "Harsh Brown" stains on my draws!
MD- Fodigity
#harsh browns #constipation #bubble guts #shit #or diarrhea
by mikeo January 24, 2006
A portmanteau of "harsh" and "hashbrown," meaning insults.
Slave: "Fuck you, you white honky nigger."
Nordic Traveler: "Can I have some ketchup?"
Slave: "Why?"
Nordic Traveler: "To... to put on all these harshbrowns you guys keep serving me."
#a norse in the 9th ward #newgrounds #romeojr #sick animation #hammer #wafflehouse
by snackysmores June 21, 2009
The colour of jeans worn by only the most unfortunate man.
You should have seen this lad in the club last week... he had on a pair of harsh browns. What a faux pas.
#harsh brown #harsh #brown #stinkys #club
by back2mine April 23, 2011
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